February 26, 2018

The Future of Investment Banking

Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger on investing in investment bank marketable securities: Regulation has had the effect of making large banks less profitable than smaller […]
June 15, 2017

Artificial Intelligence: What It Means for the Future of Investment Banking

“Hey Siri, how’s the weather today?” I said as I woke up from a good night sleep ready to start off my day. Siri responded […]
June 27, 2016

Innovation in #InvestmentBanking—There are Pros and Cons

I just caught a BusinessInsider article outlining what we already knew: macro investment banking is having a bit of a rough year in 2016. The […]
May 9, 2016

The Three Main Concerns of Company Sellers

The nuances inherent in each transaction amass quickly. Without appropriate representation, a company seller can get inadvertently bogged-down in minutiae. While much of the detail […]
March 27, 2016

Investing in #PrivateEquity – What You Need to Know

Take a look at the historical data associated with private equity investing and you can see why investors consider it to be a worthwhile venture. […]
September 14, 2015

Idiot’s Guide to Deal Marketing

Successfully marketing any deal is made much easier when the company and its track record can sell itself. If we have a scenario where we […]
September 10, 2015

“Who You Know” No Longer: How Big Data is Affecting Deal Making

Thanks to technology, Creative Destruction has impacted nearly every sector of the economy and there doesn’t seem to be any sign of abatement. From fast food […]
September 6, 2014

Fintech Will Make Traditional Investment Banking a Thing of the Past

Given that the only constant is change, news soundbites touting a world in flux are less surprising. However, that does not mean that we turn […]
July 10, 2013

Stock Sale of a C-Corp

A 100% stock sale of a C-corporation is one of the most popular options for divesting a business and also one of the easiest to […]