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Software Applications Investment Banking

Merger, acquisition and capital advisory solutions for software & mobile application businesses.

The area of systems applications is growing at an explosive rate. The software industry is multiplying in the areas of mobile products and cloud based businesses and the consumer technology based economy as a whole. All it takes is to consider the industry landscape in each of the past 5 years to realize that there is explosive growth, unhindered by boundaries, reaching the levels that we can only dream of. Through our valued strategic insight our team is able to advise clients in the understanding of what directions these offshoots are likely to take. We have a proven track record of aligning clients to burgeoning technologies to the best application of market management. From merging with valued entrepreneurs to acquiring new technology, we were involved at the beginning and continue to be strategically placed for high valued insight and advisory services.

Industry niches include cloud delivery models, SaaS, big data analytics, security, enterprise and marketing convergence as well as cloud enablement, mobility and management. In recent years our Global Software team have been integrally placed offering strategic advice in over dozens of application transactions equating to an aggregate transaction value in the multiple billions of dollars.

Our compelling transaction experience, broad network of strategic and financial relationships and deep domain experience in the US and internationally allows us to consistently maximize outcomes and shareholder value for clients within a wide variety of software sub-sectors. Our experienced bankers hold the insight and sound judgment that can only be gained through many years of cultivating processes and strategies – we can boast over 50 years of combined experience working alongside clients as diverse as emerging innovators and prominent industry leaders.

Enterprise software companies lead almost every avenue of contemporary business markets; considering the recurring revenue and broad application these companies are well poised with both strategic and financial buyers. As this explosive growth continues so too will the interest from investors in this creative disruption technology.

Our team has a global foothold and is uniquely placed to avail of our established network which transcends cultural and country lines. With our comprehensive domain knowledge and transaction expertise we work as valued partners with clients to assist in maximizing value through determining M&A options and capital raising situations.