We connect qualified nascent and mature companies with talent & financial resources.


Expert consulting for corporate and real estate acquisitions and acquisition financing.


We provide merger and acquisition consulting and financing assistance for middle market business buyers and sellers. We work directly with company owners and principals as well as private equity and family offices looking for quality business and real estate deals in the middle market.


ReverseMergers.com provides assistance for private companies looking to go public in the United States.


As a provider of alternative and direct public offering solutions, ReverseMergers.com works with private companies seeking public status on the OTC and NASDAQ stock exchanges. The company has access to clean, public corporate shells with the ability to take companies public via the creation of a 419 shell or directly through S-1 registration. ReverseMergers.com, including its partners and affiliates have helped to take over 100 companies public. While being public is not a good fit for every firm, the company works with those that have a highly strategic reason for needing access to the public markets.


Equity crowdfund consulting and investing for accredited and non-accredited investors alike.


Thanks to the JOBS Act, crowdfunding may eventually prove a helpful tool in the belt of every corporate financier. The crowdfunding industry still remains in a holding pattern until Congress, the SEC and FINRA can decide on how to structure the rules and regs to protect investors. With the crowdfunding market in it’s current state of flux, we’re working with teams, assisting in private placements and private offerings. When equity crowdfunding does hit the mainstream, we’ll be amply prepared to solve some of its biggest hurdles.


Seed and startup capital for some of the most nascent, but promising technology and incubation projects.


We provide direct capital infusions for early-stage technology companies. Our investment partners like to get first glimpse at promising and ubiquitous technology. While StartCapital.com does not run a dedicated fund, each investor with whom we work boasts a net worth of >$50MM. Find out more about sourcing startup capital for your next big idea, project or invention.


Seed and startup consulting for some of the most nascent, but promising technology and incubation projects.


We provide human and capital consulting infusions for early and late-stage technology companies. Our consulting and investment partners work directly with founding entrepreneurs and investors alike to provide the right mix of growth-oriented consulting for startups.