Selling a Business in Tacoma, WA

Selling a business in Tacoma, WA or any of the surrounding areas can be a long and difficult process. It can be influenced by many different factors such as the strong emotions tied to the business after years of building it into the enterprise it has become. It can also be influenced by the market factors that create uncertainty and cause investors to be reluctant about making any investment decisions. As you can see, many are caused by dynamics that may or may not be in control of the individual looking to sell the company.

Because of all the different factors that can cause a deal to head south it is important for business owners to recognize that most M&A deals take as long as 18 to 24 months from the time the seller of a business contacts the business broker or investment banker to the time the deal closes. Many deals even resemble a cat in that they can die nine times and still end up closing sometime in the future. These deals may even be structured in a way that causes the seller to stay with a company for 12 to 24 months after the deal closes to ensure a safe transition period. With this in mind, if the seller is looking to retire in the next 36 month, it may be wise to consider engaging an investment banker now to begin the process.

With the major industries evolving around government and air space services private equity groups and strategic investors, depending on the size of the business, qualify as buyers that may make the acquisition. Deal Capital has developed strong connections that enable to company to draw investors together with sellers and build the connections that ensures the deal is completed and the acquisition is made so the sellers begin the path to retirement.

Deal Capital is also very familiar with the helping clients to sell a business in the Olympia, WA.

Troy Jenkins
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