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Private Equity

An extensive and focused network of private equity buyers

We recognize great companies are spawned from the creative minds of entrepreneurs. We also recognize that not necessarily every Johnny-come-lately necessary has what it takes to implement an idea and truly have the gumption to persist and succeed. Ideas are important for success in nearly every stage of business development, and frankly, they may change. But where the rubber meets the road, it’s the people that make a venture successful. Deal Capital recognizes your passion and would love to help you succeed.

Obtaining your business funding from private investors is one of the best ways for starting and fostering great companies. Since entrepreneurship is at the heart of this city and what we do and who we are, we thoroughly enjoy working with seasoned entrepreneurs and business managers who have the idea, the passion and the know-how to wildly succeed. We believe it’s not necessarily about what you do, but how you do it that makes true success.

Seasoned entrepreneurs with a proven track record of implementation are at the heart of successful companies. We look for businessmen and women who are passionate, have integrity at the core and who can deliver results while changing the world in their own small way.

If you have a product or service you are passionate about and feel could benefit from early to late-stage funding, you have come to the right place. If you have what it takes and would like to gauge the fit of Deal Capital’s network of experienced and lively entrepreneurs, then reach out. We may be able to build something great together.

Private equity is an extremely broad term, overarching an entire industry. Each company within the private equity space employs a different strategy and approach in investing. We’re not unlike other companies that work in this space, we maintain a rigorous adherence to our core strategy and goals. One way in which we differentiate ourselves, however, is the network of partnerships we’ve codified over years of working with professionals who have a different take and approach to how they fund, manage and sell portfolio businesses. If you’re an accredited investor click on the following link to join our accredited investor network.

Private Equity Partners

With access to a superb network of market influencers, consumer advocates, research institutions and business process experts, our reach expands far beyond our in-house expertise.

In addition to maintaining our current network of private equity partnerships, we also continuously seek to expand our scope and scale of partners in various sectors. Current partners consist of current and former entrepreneurs, visionaries, investors and inventors seeking to make in impact on the way consumers and businesses interact within their everyday lives.

Private Equity Financing

Whether your an existing, profitable enterprise seeking growth capital by selling an equity stake or a start-up with a superb idea and a better team with the qualities and expertise to penetrate a market, we can help take you there. We maintain a wealth of knowledge about business and consumer-driven companies.

Our team includes investors and expert operators with invaluable sector experience in the niches in which we and our partners choose to invest. As with most private financiers, our support and help go much deeper than simple capital infusion. Both internal access to tacit knowledge, we dive deep in portfolio companies, providing added lift in terms of business support. In addition, we often sit on the board of the companies we represent, offering priceless insight into potential help with recruitment, operations, finance, operations and brand-building. Our overall goal is scaled, profitable and smart growth, keeping in mind we operate with a low risk-tolerance.

We remain razor-focused in our approach to finding, fostering, growing and exiting our business interests in private equity. In doing so, we maintain a rigorous adherence to seeing things “far-off” which helps us to stay one step ahead of the curve.