Most Consistent VC Firms

The latest presidential cycle has tainted the VC world in the short term with cries of “down with the vulture capitalists.” Even as venture capital returns have declined over the last couple of decades, there is a silver lining to almost every storm. Deals continue to flow, even if the rate is slower than one would like and the deals themselves not as frothy. The cream rises to the top. Thanks to some data released by peHUB, we can see which firms are at least the most consistent in their deal-making.

Here they are in descending order:

  1. Benchmark Capital 
  2. GGV Capital
  3. Pittsford Ventures Management
  4. Sequoia Capital
  5. Avalon Ventures
  6. Matrix Partners
  7. BlueRun Ventures
  8. Helmet Venture Managers
  9. Jerusalem Venture Partners 
  10. Merlin Nexus 
  11. Paul Capital 

It is interesting to note that Finish and Israeli companies topped the list. The good news is that limited partners seem to want to bring in new money in the coming years. That is, family offices, sovereign wealth funds, foundations, public pensions and the like are or will all be looking for new areas with consistent returns. The two areas which top the list are buyouts and venture capital. Nearly half of all the aforementioned potential limited partner groups plan on considering venture funds as an asset class in which to invest. As of this reading there are approximately 372 or 1/5 of all VC funds on the road looking for approximately $47.2 billion (with a “b”) in funding and investment commitment.

The data above indicates the consistency of the venture fund based on IRR, strategy, fund year and geography.


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