Frequently Asked Questions

Does ReverseMergers.com raise capital?

No. ReverseMergers.com is not a FINRA licensed broker-dealer and cannot legally offer securities. We can, however, provide a list of reputable partner broker-dealer firms, including introductions to investment funds who may decide to invest in your company. We typically only make such referrals after your company is listed on the OTCBB. We do not assist in promoting your company stock.

Does my company need to be audited?

Yes. If you have not previously produced audited financial statements per GAAP, we can make introductions to PCAOB auditing firms at reasonable prices to facilitate the necessary audit prior to getting your company listed.

Are there a minimum number of shareholders required?

You’ll typically be required to have at least 35 shareholders. If you fail to meet this requirement or will have difficulties in doing so, we can assist in creating a registered spin-off to fulfill this need.

Can you guarantee my listing?

As long as your controlling owners and/or management do not have any undisclosed issues or prior regulatory problems, we can ensure your business will get listed.

Can foreign firms be listed on the public stock exchange?

Yes, but there are more stringent regulations than in times past.

What does it cost to get listed?

We charge a competitive upfront fee, plus carried interest in the company as compensation for our services. Contact us for more specific information. The cost to go public is also typically protected by escrow in the unlikely event of something going awry.

How long does it take to get listed?

Each situation provides unique challenges, however the typically time from first engagement to eventual listing on the public exchange is anywhere from six to eight months.

How much is a shell?

While certain company shells can be purchased very inexpensively, the high quality public shells typically range start in the low to mid six-figure range. We typically get clean, virgin and SPAC* shares much cheaper, however. Contact us for more details.

*SPAC is a registered trademark of EarlyBirdCapital. 

Why Should I Go Public?

Reverse mergers can be utilized for a number of things including industry roll ups and M&A (where stock is given as consideration for a transaction), on-going capital raising needs and hiring and retaining key personnel. Going public also significantly increases the value of your business.