Our platform is securely built in .NET on the Microsoft’s Azure cloud.

Fintech Developers

Our platform already hosts some 400+ fintech application nodes. Because of the broad and deep scope and touch of the applications across our network, we are looking for experienced engineers with skills in the following key areas of software & technology development with an emphasis in the financial services sector.

Fintech Software App Developers

Our platform is securely built in .NET on the Microsoft’s Azure cloud. We are actively seeking .NET experts to build complex applications that can be easily-deployed and scaled for full delivery for desktop and mobile Fintech applications. Our powerful Fintech PaaS and SaaS architecture allow for deployment of your applications across multi-tenant and multi-layered cloud environments, including those using our private label system. In addition, our reach and exposure to licensed financial services firms across the country means your applications are more likely to be quickly adopted and deployed across multiple platforms and in numerous use-cases.

Our custom-engineered platform stack is built for direct financial technology migration and application development in a full cloud environment. Fintech software engineers with the requisite skills and interest in being on-boarded to our private beta are invited to get in touch with us via the contact form at right.

Financial Technology Engineers

We partner directly with experienced, fintech engineers to bring customized, unique and penetrating fintech applications to middle market investment banks and other financial services firms. By partnering with InvestmentBank.com, financial technology developers will see almost immediate adoption, market awareness and exposure for their uniquely-position fintech apps. We are looking for engineers with advanced capabilities and creativity with an eye on creating a true ecosystem for fintech app development across investment banking, crowdfunding, retail banking, financial advisory and other financial services sectors.

Fintech Capital Advisory

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