Cloud Consulting

Cloud computing has significant benefits to an organization. Yet using the cloud is not as easy as it seems. While an advantage there are changes along the process that has to be addressed and it impacts on how business is done and how services are delivered. There are also choices to made including: whether it be public, private or hybrid cloud, the applications to be used in the cloud, the choice of vendors and services, the delivery, support and security.

Using the cloud as an agent of change and improvement in your organization is not simply about platform migration and technology. There are continuous advancements being made in the cloud that leads to some degree of complexity, introduction of advanced technologies coupled with requirement of more capabilities in integration.

We have qualified and practicing cloud specialist who are dedicated to giving cost-effective, well-planned cloud capability solutions and services that will make your cloud migration secure, rapid, and efficient. Seattle Consulting is aware of the demands faced in utilizing the cloud. Our total and customizable cloud solution will guide you through the complicated issues involved.

Fast Cloud Capability

Seattle Consulting will evaluate your current environment, create the cloud integration guideline, and perform business process and application migration to the setup most ideal for your organization be it hybrid, private or public clouds. We give delivery and management support in both public and private clouds for your services and applications. With our capability we can help you maximize the full potential of the cloud from a realistic migration plan right down to implementation.

To get the most out of the cloud, our consultancy services have tools that were made to aid our clients make better choices. We provide best practice in consulting, migration services and development. With our Cloud services we offer sound help including:

• Strategy, Planning, Assessment-Cloud consultancy, strategizing, assessment, marketing analysis, developing roadmaps
• Design- Cloud architecture and design application, such as design services for various cloud platforms like Salesforce.com, AWS and Microsoft Azure
• Migration- Solutions for infrastructure migration and models for cloud service including secure application transition and automated capacities
• Private Cloud- Deployment of private datacenter platform and integration capability
• Delivery- Provide, sustain, and supervised services for cloud applications and assets

Seattle Consulting provides cloud services that are business-grade with management, governance and integrated security functionalities. The cloud services are made to address your unique business requirements. With our cloud know-how, methods, and tools, our cloud services are provided quickly including automation capabilities that will aid you in speedily transferring to the cloud.

See the Results

Our cloud services encompass a wide range of cloud conversion conditions. Yet these services are modular in design, this allows you to concentrate on the exact required areas. With Seattle Consulting cloud services you have the advantage of:

• Avoiding the Propaganda- slice through the marketing propaganda and utilize the true capacity and enterprise payback cloud service can provide with sensible and quantifiable objectives
• Lower Capital Requirement- Recognize potential cost reductions through assessment of current applications, sourcing costs and infrastructure
• Allow Strategic Cloud Acceptance-Business goals are referenced to create a strategic plan with an ordered guideline in cloud integration and migration
• Certainty In Service Capacity- Have an encompassing cloud solution through analysis of prevailing IT environment, recognizing enhanced capacity and innovation requirements
• Hasten Cloud Migration –automate and streamline procedures for cloud platform and services choice, application development and migration
• Successful Application-total solution, tested project management and engagement approach

Get in touch with Seattle Consulting and discover the advantages of using our cloud consulting and solutions to fully maximize the potentials of the cloud.

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