November 4, 2018

Five Tips for Realizing Revenue Synergies in M&A Transactions

At the most basic level, companies pursue a merger or acquisition because they believe the combined entity will be better off than the two individual […]
October 15, 2018

Common Themes of Successful M&A Deals

Every deal, regardless of whether it closes or not, is a roller coaster ride. Throughout the journey, it may constantly feel like the deal is […]
November 8, 2017

Selling your business – Do you tell your employees you’re selling?

Selling your company is good news right? The answer to this question is dependent on the person hearing the news. Selling your business can cause […]
November 6, 2017

10 M&A Considerations (Part One)

We have posted blogs recently about the importance of seeking expert help when undertaking M&A. It is also important to get a basic understanding of […]
October 3, 2017

The Diligence Dilemma

Most investment bankers have lost a deal during the due diligence process, it’s the nature of the game. In fact, a large percentage of deals […]
August 27, 2016

The Real Problem With Most Companies: They’re Not Built to Sell

There is a real sickness in most lower middle-market businesses: they’re not built to sell. They’re built to operate, make money and provide a living, […]
February 22, 2016

A Negative Interest Rate Policy (#NIRP) Is “Mind Blowing” in its Repercussions

Am I the only one whose mind is being literally blown by the wildly crazy economic experiment being played out by the ECB, Japan, Denmark, […]
January 30, 2016

A Primer on Warrants

In many of the capital deals we facilitate, investor warrants are often included as part of the consideration for doing a deal. Some issuers have wondered […]
February 25, 2015

Raising capital is easy when…

Thanks to some of the sites in our network we receive a large number of requests for raising capital. It appears the rest of the market […]
May 13, 2014

Starting a MicroFund: Why Mini-Funds Will Be the Way of the Future

We get a decent amount of calls from folks looking to start a private equity fund or build their business by raising private capital. But […]