March 16, 2015

Acting Like a Public Company Before Becoming One

Wanting to be a public company and actually being one are two somewhat competing ideals. The most successful initial public offerings maintain some semblance of […]
February 16, 2015

Math of a Reverse Stock Split

Prior to an a reverse merger a company may find itself with too many issued and outstanding shares and not enough authorized shares to be […]
February 9, 2015

“Born a Penny Stock, Die a Penny Stock”

I’m in regular discussions with entrepreneurs, investors and everyone in between. It’s great to be at the intersection of interesting deals. Getting the type-As together […]
February 6, 2015

$2.14MM to Raise $12.3MM? Are You Kidding Me?

I just picked up an article about an in-vitro diagnostics company that recently listed on London’s AIM Exchange. The company was reminiscent of some previous […]
November 3, 2014

Ebola Solution Pump & Subsequent Investor Litigation

This interesting tid-bit comes to us from LitigationDaily (which sounds like a depressing website as it appears its entire purpose is to report on sad, but […]
November 3, 2014

Revisions and Comments from the SEC & NASD

Once all the proper registration information has been completed and submitted to both the SEC and NASD there is only one thing a company can […]
October 31, 2014

Exhausting Debt with Convertibility

When I read this WSJ article this morning, it made me realize that the length of my mortgage was nothing compared to the sovereign debt […]
October 20, 2014

How to Get Stock Shares Publicly Trading

Public companies that also have a trading symbol (and its corresponding CUSIP #) can have shares trading in the “public float” as long as the […]
October 8, 2014

Foundation Healthcare Hopes to IPO on NYSE after $20MM+ Loss Post Reverse Merger

After performing a reverse merger with Graymark Healthcare in 2013, Foundation Healthcare has been producing very poorly. The loss for 2013 totaled $20.4MM while the […]
October 2, 2014

Kakao-Daum Reverse Merger on KOSDAQ with Market Cap of $9.5 Bln.

In what appears to be a repeat of the Facebook WhatsApp transaction here in the U.S., Korean mobile messaging and ecommerce app Kakao went public […]