November 2, 2017

Fintech Platforms Naturally Expand Into a Fund Model

Crowdfunder did it last year with the launch of their crowdfunding/startup “index” fund. Now Circleup is jumping into the startup fund party with the launch of a $125M […]
October 23, 2017

Private Equity and Hedge Fund Two and Twenty Deal Structure is Dying

I was recently reading one of Warren Buffett’s annual shareholder letters, which are always insightful as well as entertaining. In it, he describes the typical […]
September 11, 2016

Capital Returns vs. Capital Appreciation

Seemingly conflicted investment philosophies abound. The goals of the individual and institutional investor alike will drive the way we see stocks and their relative value. There […]
March 22, 2016

16 Alternatives to Venture Capital

Despite what the court of public opinion says, venture capital funding isn’t all that sexy. Sure, it’s a way to source capital, but it has […]
June 26, 2015

Granting Stock to Charities and Non-Profits in Your Public Offering

Perhaps nothing is more magical than the immediate accretive value-add to equity shareholders that occurs when shares change from a closed private company to a […]
May 26, 2015

Crowdfunding is the New Microcap

Because of the nature of our business we’ve been giving keen attention to the crowdfunding market. In fact, we’re convinced that crowdfunding will fuel many more […]
April 20, 2015

Using Stock as Consideration in Mergers & Acquisitions

When companies look toward inorganic growth in the form of mergers and acquisitions, the frequent questions that arise throughout this process revolve around consideration. Consideration […]
February 2, 2015

Public Company Benefits to the Founding Entrepreneur(s)

If you ignore the capital flowing into the company coffers at the time of a public offering, going public also has a great deal of ancillary […]
January 29, 2015

Using Public Stock as Collateral for a Personal Loan

Because liquid, public stock is an acceptable form of collateral, it can easily be used for both business and personal loan guarantees against the unlikely […]
January 1, 2015

Top Reverse Merger Blog Posts 2014

Happy New Year everyone. May your 2015 be full of business and personal success! The New Year is a great time to look forward toward […]