3 Tips for Writing Good Content

3 Tips for Writing Good Content

It may sound played out, but the focus on creating good content for one’s website cannot be overstated.  While “Location, location, location!” may be realtors’ call to action, shouting “Content!” multiple times wouldn’t be too far off base for Internet-based marketers.  Knowing what to and actually being able to do it, however, are two different things.  The below three tips should get you started on the right path towards creating effecting, compelling content for your website.

1.  Customer-focused writing

Writing well is one thing, but writing well for the customers you have is another.  Your goal is to appeal to your audience.  After all, what good is a well-written article about de-clawing cats if your audience is made up of nothing but truck drivers?  When focusing on your customers, you need to deliver niche content that will compel your readers to come back for more.  Frequently-returning readers transforms into greater traffic, which ultimately could lead to more revenue.  So what’s the idea behind delivering “niche” content?  Well, in today’s Web 2.0 world, there are thousands of websites out there.  What would make your little website in a sea or data stand out from the rest, causing an individual reader to sacrifice precious time in his or her day to read your content?  Focusing on niche areas drastically reduces competition, thus making it more likely for readers to devote time to visiting your website.  Taking the previous example, you could try focusing on “big rig” air brakes or, even better, a specific action related to them (repairs, inspection, upgrades, etc.).

2.  Include strong calls to action

When it comes to writing effective web content, rambling on or chatting like a gossipy neighbor doesn’t cut it.  You need to be clear in stating what you want the reader to do after reading your article.  If you want them to buy something, tell them to buy something.  If you want them to change their dieting habits, it needs to be completely clear that fattening foods and sugary snacks need to be completely eliminated; nothing should be left to assumption or guesswork.  Although it may seem obvious to you that you want them to leave their contact details, many people simply won’t do it unless you invite (or even command) them to.  After all, many users are seeking authoritative content to help them with a given situation, so it would make sense that when someone is seeking an authority figure when visiting your site that you should act like one.  If someone needs help with credit repair, it needs to be clear that you not only know how to mend credit report dings, but also have the willingness and drive to do so.

3.  Don’t be spammy

You’ve seen all the tricks and games before, namely black-hat gimmicks to get temporary rank boosts.  Do yourself a favor and ignore all the latest fads in “search engine scheming.”  Your visitors are seeking real answers to real problems.  Unless you’re just going for a quick buck made from serving ad impressions, your visitors will soon realize your site is devoid of any substance and immediately move on to greener pastures.

Although the creativity and ingenuity that goes into your particular posts is entirely up to you, the above three tips should drastically help you to channel your talents the right direction.  Focus on content the customer wants, instruct them to take specific action, and refrain from the use of sleazy SEO tactics.

Jeff Gonzales
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