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14 Feb Private Company Valuations: Overcoming the Knowledge & Incentive Gaps for Middle-Market Business Valuations

Various, alternative business earnings metrics can be used to determine a reliable business valuation. The variance between earnings measurement methods can be wide and the results can be misleading. The worst possible outcome is a scenario in which an inaccurate representation of value is presented....

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29 Feb Accretion-Dilution Analysis for Mergers and Acquisitions

All-too-often proposed acquisitions are consummated without determining whether the combination of the two entities would create synergies (be accretive) or create a decrease in overall Earnings Per Share (i.e. dilutive). An accretive-dilutive analysis for a merger or an acquisition is best simplified by asking the...

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08 Nov Boosting Business Value with Long-Term Customer Contracts

Some businesses are able to secure long term contracts that ensure continued revenue streams far into the future. If we begin with the business exit in mind, then a potential seller should never underestimate the value of secure, long-term customer contracts. Revenue that is contractually...

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16 Jul Reasons Your Business Ain’t Worth 10X + A Few Ways to Get a Higher Multiple

We work with a lot of individual buyers. They're a great group of scrappy entrepreneurs many of whom have built businesses from nothing and frequently have left legacies for their families. They're, in my mind, the single most important group of individuals in America. Entrepreneurs...

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25 Jan Understanding Venture Capital: Realistic Opportunity Evaluation

Business owners often have misconceptions about venture capital while at the same time wanting to incorporate it into their business financial strategy. Unrealistic Expectations One of the most common misunderstandings occurs when company owners think of venture capital (vc) in the same way they think of a...

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