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We implement a proven, repeatable process for sell-side mergers & acquisitions.

Healthcare & Medical M&A

Mergers & acquisitions for healthcare, medical, pharma and biotech firms

Healthcare professionals looking to transition out of private practice medicine can find great help by seeking the advise of a qualified M&A specialist. Valuing and marketing your healthcare company can prove difficult, especially when you may have years building a practice and working on relationships with clients and patients. Fortunately, our network of qualified physicians, dentists and other qualified M&A and tax consultants are here to help you in the transition out of your company.

The best quality capital advisory services involve one part art and two parts science. Our team takes a rigorous approach to each client engagement, ensuring the very best possible outcome.

Whether you operate an individual practice, a network of specialty clinics, or a full-service medical facility, we can help you throughout the process. This includes a proper business valuation, legal advise, and finding the right prospective buyer for your company. Because physicians and other healthcare professionals know the rigors of building something from the ground up, it can sometimes be difficult to part with the company you have worked most of your life to build. Fortunately, we work with you to find the right buyer who can transition and take care of your patients long after you have left. Please contact us today for a private and confidential consultation.