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Deal Platform Features

The most advanced deal sharing and collaboration platform available.


Create and build-out your own individual or company account profile, providing descriptions of yourself and your business. Account profiles can include profile images and/or company logos. Your information remains private to other members of the network. Sync your profile with Linkedin.


Freely post both buy and sell-side mandates with our advanced deal publishing tools. Include detailed information for your mandates including industry, location, revenue and profitability. Collaborate and promote to other community member buyers and investors looking for deals like yours. Receive status updates as interested investors view and respond to your listing. Track all your listing views and interest via your online account.


Raising capital for a client? Use our advanced deal syndication tool for collaboration across multiple broker deals and multiple platforms. Under-subscribed, but quality fundraising deals obtain greater exposure and likelihood of successful closure through our advanced capital raising syndication tools. Inter-BD agreements and co-sponsoring features allow for more closed deals.


Unlimited custom campaign search and updates. Create your own custom buy or sell-side deal search parameters. Receive regular and timely email and account updates based on your custom deal search campaigns. Gain faster access to more deals that better match your investment profile. Collaborate directly with deal makers.


Our system includes full CRM tools and functionality, including the ability to update and build your own database of buyers, sellers, investors and deal makers. Sync your deal CRM directly with SalesForce or other systems for high-powered, timely access to your customer information.


Deal makers can tie their custom deal CRM directly with automated outreach, responses, email sequencing and other marketing automation tools unavailable through other deal portals. Track outreach clicks, views and open rates from a beautiful graphical interface. Investment bankers and investors alike will find great benefit from using automated tools in their deal origination and closure techniques. All email and marketing automation outreach is archived for full compliance with FINRA.


Our customized Virtual Data Room service is included in both investor and intermediary accounts. The VDR service has all the features of the leading solutions, including secure access, role-based privileges, viewer tracking, real-time analytics, mobile access and automated responses tied to specific events. Included as a white-label option.


All communication & data, including email, chat and any interaction occurring on both the InvestmentBank.com main portal as well as syndicate white label portals is tracked according with the latest backup and archiving, per SRO compliance. All archiving is performed securely on the Microsoft Azure Cloud.


A full analytics dashboard provides users with access to critical data in a timely fashion. Track everything from outbound marketing efforts to deal listing response rates using simple graphics tied to a smart backend. Pick and choose the data gadgets that are important to your internal metrics. The data dashboard is crucial in improving deal speed and outcomes and is available to reps on both the buy and sell-side.


Our system is available as a fully white label portal to broker dealers, investment bankers, M&A advisors, business brokers, private equity groups, family offices and company investors. The full features and functionality of our Deal Portal are made available to any other industry professionals looking to maximize the use of technology for doing more deals. In addition, the small monthly fee required to maintain a white label deal portal opens up deal makers to a whole host of additional syndication and deal collaboration features unavailable through the free account.