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Drive Traffic to Your Site with Yahoo! Answers

29 Nov Drive Traffic to Your Site with Yahoo! Answers

One of the main reasons people will want to visit and revisit your website is that they trust you, that they view you as an expert who is willing to help them solve whatever problem your niche covers. Therefore, a large percentage of the work you put into increasing the traffic to your website has to be geared towards building your reputation of being an expert in your chosen niche. And, answering questions on Yahoo! Answers is a fantastic way to do this.

What is Yahoo! Answers?

Yahoo! Answers is where folks with questions, and possibly related problems needing solutions, go to find answers. While anyone with a Yahoo! account can answer the questions, those who give the best answers, get special recognition, which over a very short period of time can give them special rights on Yahoo! Answers.

What Yahoo! Answers Means to You and Your Website

Yahoo! Answers allows you to create your own profile containing a bio and link to your website. As a member, you can search for questions using key words such as, “lose cellulite” or browse by category. This in turn, lets you identify people who are interested in your particular niche and answer their questions.

This access to people asking questions that you can answer is especially powerful, since, as I posted last month, the only way to consistently make money is to solve people’s problems.

Although you can add your link to your answers, you should not do so in every one since Yahoo! will ban you if come across as a spammer. A good rule of thumb is to add your link to every fifth answer. That said, your goal on Yahoo! Answers is to become a second level member so that you can add clickable links to your website in your answers and in your sources’ used box. These links are backlinks that will increase your site’s ranking in the search engine results and also the links that people will use to find your site.

As a level one member, you will only be able to post your website’s address as text, not a clickable link.

Becoming a Level-Two Yahoo! Answers Member

Since more people will visit your website from Yahoo! Answers if there is a clickable link to follow, you need to be a level two member. Fortunately, this is easy to do.

At its most basic, you lose points when you ask questions and earn points when you answer questions and rate the answers given by others. You earn extra points when your answers are voted to be the best answer. The points you can spend or earn are as follows:

  • Ask a question:  -5 points
  • Answer a question:  +2 points
  • Vote on the answers of others:  +1 point
  • Be awarded the best answer:  +10 points

Level one users are allowed to answer 20 questions a day, which means that you can reach the second level with 250 points in about four or five days. Of course, this means that in less than a week, you can be online providing a direct link to your website to people who are self-defined as being interested in what you are selling.  Once they are at your site, they will stick around because your site is undoubtedly packed with top-quality content.

Contact ROI today to find out how we can help you drive traffic to your website.

Josh Barnhouse
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