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Reverse Mergers

27 Mar Investing in #PrivateEquity – What You Need to Know

Take a look at the historical data associated with private equity investing and you can see why investors consider it to be a worthwhile venture. When compared to other investment types (Nasdaq and the S&P 500) over a decade+ investment horizon, private equity historically outperforms...

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19 May Section 1145: Creating Shells & Equity Holders from Bankrupt Public Companies

Distressed public companies present an interesting opportunity for the savvy securities attorney. The right bankrupt, public shell can often be utilized in the creation of several more vehicles, all with their own base of shareholders, with a completely clean slate. As part of Section 1145(a)(1)...

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12 May Public Shells: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The market for public shells is often aptly referred to as a "game." Finding something clean that fits within the target parameters of an intending APO is extremely difficult, especially on shoestring budget. Overcoming this hurdle requires understanding what a particular company may need/desire when it's...

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