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Raise Capital

21 Feb Why Equity Crowdfunding Has Failed to Live Up to the Hype and Expectations (and What To Do About It)

When the JOBS Act was signed in 2012 many touted its potential to significantly disrupt the traditional model of venture capital by disintermediating the process between investors and entrepreneurs. The promise of decentralization and democratization among issuers and backers had many would-be startups salivating. Who...

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18 Feb A Few Things I Have Learned From Failed Deals

I am  a big fan of deal postmortems--the time you take to assess what went right, what went wrong and how you would do things differently if you had to do it all over again. With each done deal, volumes can be gleaned as educational...

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12 Feb Industry Consolidation & its Impact on Mergers & Acquisitions

Consolidation is a normal part of any industry. They help to establish economies of scale that drive down the cost of goods and services and make the marketplace more competitive – and therefore affordable – for consumers. There are three stages of consolidation in which an industry...

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