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Private Equity

25 Apr Deal Sourcing: How Investors are Becoming More Savvy in a Crowded Private Equity World

Sourcing investment opportunities can be a difficult task, especially in a world awash in capital and competition. Deal sourcing and deal origination are necessary skills for private equity (PE) firms that want to close more deals and differentiate themselves. The PE sourcing process is very...

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27 Mar Investing in #PrivateEquity – What You Need to Know

Take a look at the historical data associated with private equity investing and you can see why investors consider it to be a worthwhile venture. When compared to other investment types (Nasdaq and the S&P 500) over a decade+ investment horizon, private equity historically outperforms...

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12 Feb The Downfall of Bulge-Bracket Investment Banking? Why Bulge-Bracket Bankers are Fleeing to Successful Boutiques

There are no shortage of the terrible tales of working at some bulge-bracket bank. Here are a few: A report of investment bankers "crying" as a result of unexpected lay-offs Wall Street will corrupt your very soul  Wall Street will corrode your soul Admonishments not to "sell your soul"...

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