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14 Feb Private Company Valuations: Overcoming the Knowledge & Incentive Gaps for Middle-Market Business Valuations

Various, alternative business earnings metrics can be used to determine a reliable business valuation. The variance between earnings measurement methods can be wide and the results can be misleading. The worst possible outcome is a scenario in which an inaccurate representation of value is presented....

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06 Feb How Investment Bankers Add Value in Mergers & Acquisitions

We are certainly strong advocates for disintermediating the investment banking process, particularly when it comes to mergers and acquisitions. Some would argue--incorrectly--that advisors in a transactions are overly valued, especially given today's flatter world, including access to "big data." In fact, this very question was...

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13 Jan Sourcing & Closing Investment Banking Deals Using Paid Advertising

The number of intelligent investment banks that have nailed the paid advertising click funnel for both deal origination and deal distribution can probably be numbered on one hand. Realizing an effective paid marketing ROI for some eCommerce ads for B2C customers is a piece of...

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18 Oct Planning Your Liquidity Event: Four Groups to Consult with Prior to Selling Your Business

Getting the advice of an expert is always good form, especially if you're about to chart into unfamiliar territory. If your business or asset sale occurs concurrent with your retirement, there are a few people, groups and professionals you'll most definitely have on your Rolodex. Such...

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18 Jun Earnouts: Difficult to Craft, Harder to Implement

We have spoken previously of the double-edged nature of most earnout agreements in M&A. While earnouts have some benefits, there remains difficulty in negotiating, crafting and implementing them successfully. Here we discuss some of these varied nuances. Earnout defined When buyer and seller come together, a buyer...

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04 Jun Magical EBITDA Thresholds

When doing deals, size matters. Revenue matters, but from the prospective of business buyers, the size of a company's EBITDA is particularly important. Both strategic and financial buyers alike view EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) as a key yardstick for where the...

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