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Business Planning

18 Jun Earnouts: Difficult to Craft, Harder to Implement

We have spoken previously of the double-edged nature of most earnout agreements in M&A. While earnouts have some benefits, there remains difficulty in negotiating, crafting and implementing them successfully. Here we discuss some of these varied nuances. Earnout defined When buyer and seller come together, a buyer...

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15 Apr Acquisition Financing: Securing Funding from Cautious Lenders

For prospective buyers, price is frequently a first and foremost concern. While a low price may signal a great deal, it can also be a sign of a business that is already in decline and thereby not a strong, long-term investment opportunity. Unfortunately, in today’s...

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21 Mar Preemptively Preventing Merger & Acquisition Transaction Failure

Over the next few years, thanks to aging and retiring baby boomers, an overwhelming number of businesses will likely be up for sale. This potential flood is sure to create a competitive environment among both sellers and buyers, as potential buyers begin to closely scrutinize...

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11 Mar 10 Reasons to Perform a Majority or Minority Recapitalization

Corporate recapitalizations can be a beneficial tool used by business owners seeking capital. The structure, source and uses of the funds can be as unique and varied as the businesses themselves. Recapitalizations are typically funded using both debt and equity. Today’s liquid private markets include...

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