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Business Operations

13 Jan Sourcing & Closing Investment Banking Deals Using Paid Advertising

The number of intelligent investment banks that have nailed the paid advertising click funnel for both deal origination and deal distribution can probably be numbered on one hand. Realizing an effective paid marketing ROI for some eCommerce ads for B2C customers is a piece of...

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27 Nov Buy-Side M&A: Pitfalls & Opportunities of a Successful Acquisition Strategy

The ethereal concept of “synergy” and “value add” are certainly less prevalent in mergers and acquisitions than many deal peddlers would have us believe. Creating the 1+1=3 scenario in M&A requires smarts, discipline and a large focus on planning—areas where many investment bankers and deal...

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01 Feb A Variety of Corporate Financing Options

When it comes to financing your business venture, you don't have to take a one-size-fits-all approach. While some types of financing, such as business loans or venture capital, get a lot of media attention, they represent only two of several potential sources of capital for...

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25 Jan Understanding Venture Capital: Realistic Opportunity Evaluation

Business owners often have misconceptions about venture capital while at the same time wanting to incorporate it into their business financial strategy. Unrealistic Expectations One of the most common misunderstandings occurs when company owners think of venture capital (vc) in the same way they think of a...

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