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InvestmentBank.com | 2013 February
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February 2013

27 Feb Shareholder Agreement Triggers

When you craft your buy-sell agreement, there are basic boiler-plate inclusions which should not be ignored which will trigger one party's right or obligation to buyout another party under the agreement. Some of the worst litigation occurs when buy-sell agreements were not crafted or crafted...

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27 Feb Business: The Theory of Value

Deal Capital relies primarily on the discounted cash flow to arrive at the value of a business. This method is generally recognized to be the most appropriate method for M &A purposes. This method generally is best at capturing the full value potential of growth companies that have strong...

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22 Feb Confidentiality Agreement: A Business Seller’s First Line of Defense

Selling a privately-owned company often involves privileged information, including details on everything from the electric bill to how much a particular customer contributes to top-line revenue. When it comes to doing deals, sensitive information is often thrown around willy-nilly. The potential for highly-sensitive information to be leaked...

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