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InvestmentBank.com | 2012 August
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August 2012

31 Aug Equity Offerings

Last week we discussed one of two different forms of financing: debt financing. Today we would like to discuss equity financing. Unlike debt, equity is a method used to spread the risk associated with a transaction across multiple investors. This is always beneficial for those...

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24 Aug Leveraged Debt Financing

It is very typical for a company to come to a point where it needs additional capital to pursue the investment opportunities necessary for its next steps in growth. When a company reaches this point the business owners need to decide whether they will finance...

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15 Aug Small Business Acquisitions

Working out of the northwest I came across a young business owner looking to acquire a business similar to his in a different state. While the discussion with this entrepreneur went on a few relevant points were brought forward. First, his business was engaging a...

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