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InvestmentBank.com | 2012 February
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February 2012

17 Feb Do Leveraged Buyouts Help Or Hurt?

Before I delve into the hard-line research on how leveraged buyouts actually can add value, let me first cite a few quotes from industry-leaders to the contrary (you know, just to spice things up a bit). Source: Kaplan & Schoar (JF, 2005) “[LBO funds earn returns] on fees, fees,...

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17 Feb Leveraged Buyouts

Previously, we blogged about leveraged buyouts. Here, I will discuss a bit more on what goes in with a leveraged buyout and what are some of the positives and negatives which are associated with this type of business financing. First, what is a leveraged buyout? As...

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17 Feb How Not to Blog

I have been blogging for several years now and as I have done so, I have read thousands of posts by hundreds of other bloggers in various spaces on the internet. So my experience ranges outside of just the M&A blog, but where there is even...

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17 Feb Five Reasons Why Your Business Won’t Sell

Successfully selling your middle-market company requires tenacity, gumption and often a great deal of hands-on expertise. For those looking to jump into selling their company, I’ve compiled a brief, but hopefully helpful list on “don’ts” for selling and marketing your business when it comes time to take...

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17 Feb Don’t Rely on Speculation

We’ve spoken in the past on specifics for obtaining a premium for your business when it comes time to sell. When this happens, business owners should count themselves lucky. Some owners may argue, “my business was worth a premium because I inputted the ‘know-how’ to make it...

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17 Feb Selling Momentum

Sometimes it's best to just be a sell-out. There are a number of reasons for this. We get a myriad of different types of requests for people wanting to be the "sell out." Selling out brings to mind the image of a "one hit wonder"...

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